August 08, 2006


I'm so nervous about our presentation.
There are so many thigs to change.

Our group worked till 10:00pm today!!!!

illustration and photoshop are so difficult.
My eyes are red.

Hope everythings will go OK.

August 06, 2006


They are from high-school.
I almost haven't seen them for years. It's a strenge feeling having high-school friend in NY.
That's a shame that I couldn't be with them all the time because of SOPIS...


But we had high-school talk today.
it was fun!! Because we could talk about the thing we couldn't or didn't tell to
each other at that time.
It's fun!!

Woooo.....There are so many homeworks left....
I can't sleep tonight!!!!

August 04, 2006


Friends from Japan is coming!!!
I'm so exited!! But at the same time I worry a little.
Because all three of them are gonna stay at my tiny Apt.
Will they fit? Can they sleep? woooo....

Now Frany is licking me thiking as if it's a part of his boby!!
haha!! silly cat!!

And...he is piewing... Is this the "hairball?"
He ruined my bed seats....wooooooooooooooooooo................

August 01, 2006


July 31, 2006

Tape warms

Last night, I found something white was on Frany's asshole.

So I picked it up.

It was moving.
It was a warm, little white disgusting warm was coming out of my kitty's ............

Then I went to crinic today.
doctor said it is called "a tape warm"

She gave Frany a pill so that it will kill the warms.

I feel sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!

I'm dying

I can't sleep tonight....

Proposal writing is so much harder than I thought.....


hell hell hell hell........

I can't write anymore................

July 30, 2006


It's so cheap there!!!!
I went to Flushing today, and was so surprised!!!!

In a supermarket, everything was harf price!!!

Veges was so fresh, salmon was sooooooo good!!!!

Everybody should give it a try!!!

You will be amazed!!!!

July 28, 2006

Cat in a bath

I gave a bath to my kitty.
It was a hardest work thesedays.
He ran out, try to avoid the water, skrached me, and kicked my boyfriend.

Bad cat!!! But now he smells like pinapples.
Poor kitty.

Don't wash cats alone. It will only cause a mess.